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Metrics API/Swagger

Dataverse Metrics API description

Visualizations last 12 months

Charts used for metrics

Invoke 404 and 500 errors

Test links for viewing error pages

Quality Control/Maintenance

Dataverse/Dataset JSON

Experiments for faster retrieval/caching of Dataverse/Dataset JSON. Only available for published Dataverses, Datasets.

dataverse json

dataset json


Proof of concept for metadata retrieval with fewer queries. to add: Terms, Versions. Versions would be a single query each--a single JSON doc each

dataset differences

Beginning of proof of concept for comparing two datasets (2 JSON docs). avoiding current 100s of queries in prod.

beginning of page to try to explain using JSON + simple templating

Quick* Dataverse Stats Summary

See the example


Try it

  1. Go to the published file page of a tabular file. example: /miniverse/datafile/table-preview-html/4733&version=1.3
  2. Click the link in the toolbar
* (no promises)